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38201 Backers on Kickstarter
Portland, OR

COOLEST COOLER: 21st Century Cooler that's Actually Cooler

$7,499,501.72 USD 14999.00% of $50,000.00 USD

10933 Backers on Indiegogo
Santa Barbara, California, United States

TrackR bravo - The Thinnest Item-Tracking Device. Ever.

$739,579.00 USD 3697.89% of $20,000.00 USD

14130 Backers on Kickstarter
Plano, TX

Bunch O Balloons: 100 Water Balloons in Less Than 1 Minute

$550,131.92 USD 5501.32% of $10,000.00 USD

963 Backers on Kickstarter
San Diego, CA

OwnPhones: Wireless, Custom-Fit, 3D Printed Earbuds

$192,150.00 USD 76.86% of $250,000.00 USD

6496 Backers on Kickstarter
Columbus, OH

Potato Salad

$52,187.63 USD 521876.30% of $10.00 USD

542 Backers on Kickstarter
Minneapolis, MN

Bear Skn: Comfortable underwear for men of size.

$34,199.00 USD 227.99% of $15,000.00 USD

115 Backers on Indiegogo
Sydney, Australia

THE PERFECT DRESS SHIRTS: Designed to be the Finest!

$21,711.00 USD 144.74% of $15,000.00 USD

94 Backers on Kickstarter
New York, NY

With You: Reinventing The Locket

$18,646.00 USD 46.62% of $40,000.00 USD

506 Backers on Kickstarter
London, UK

ChargeOriginal durable USB cable longer & fast charging!

£11,126.00 GBP 105.96% of £10,500.00 GBP

59 Backers on Kickstarter
Hong Kong, Hong Kong

G-Pod ... the future of sustainable housing

$2,445.00 AUD 6.29% of $38,888.00 AUD

48 Backers on Indiegogo
Milan, Italy

Hicon: smart wristband social bracelet with interchangeable social network icons

$2,319.00 USD 3.86% of $60,000.00 USD

39 Backers on Indiegogo
Kingston, Jamaica

Selfr : The world's first smartphone camera remote and bluetooth tag combo

$2,285.00 USD 114.25% of $2,000.00 USD

34 Backers on Indiegogo
Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Witch & Wolf: Thrillers with a fantasy twist.

$1,464.00 USD 32.04% of $4,570.00 USD

15 Backers on Kickstarter
Los Angeles, CA

ROOM - Ultimate 'REAL-LIFE' Escape Room Game

$911.00 USD 0.61% of $150,000.00 USD

14 Backers on Kickstarter
Riverside, CA

KUBITEES: The Bridge between African & American Fashion

$637.00 USD 1.27% of $50,000.00 USD

17 Backers on Kickstarter
Troy, NY

rLogic: Affordable, Tiny, Universal Logic

$561.00 USD 112.20% of $500.00 USD

14 Backers on Indiegogo
Los Angeles, California, United States

Lighthill - Peak Performance Wallets

$399.00 USD 7.98% of $5,000.00 USD

9 Backers on Kickstarter
London, UK

Classi Cases - leather wallet and cases for iPhone and iPad

£321.00 GBP 32.10% of £1,000.00 GBP

6 Backers on Kickstarter
Bellaire, TX

ClaudiaG Collection: Creating Success Stories

$262.00 USD 2.62% of $10,000.00 USD

4 Backers on Indiegogo
Madison, Wisconsin, United States

Saving Life through Early Detection of Heart Attack

$145.00 USD 0.06% of $250,000.00 USD

3 Backers on Indiegogo
Zhuhai, China

MPortable: The World First Portable Wireless SSD

$52.00 USD 0.52% of $10,000.00 USD

3 Backers on Indiegogo
Zhuhai, China

MPortable: Portable Wireless SSD for Photographers

$52.00 USD 0.52% of $10,000.00 USD

5 Backers on Kickstarter
Rockmart, GA

The Geek Side Project

$31.00 USD 0.31% of $10,000.00 USD

4 Backers on Kickstarter
Houston, TX

Afford A Luxury Party: Because Now You Can

$13.00 USD 0.37% of $3,500.00 USD