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4933 Backers on Kickstarter
Chicago, IL

Solar Paper, the world's thinnest and lightest solar charger

$748,829.52 USD 1497.66% of $50,000.00 USD

4146 Backers on Kickstarter
Salt Lake City, UT

The BASICS Notebook: Simplify and Improve Your Life

$174,378.50 USD 1743.79% of $10,000.00 USD

675 Backers on Kickstarter
Hartford, CT

Wearsafe: Wearable technology on a mission to save lives

$66,914.00 USD 89.22% of $75,000.00 USD

700 Backers on Kickstarter
Austin, TX

Minim: Pocket-sized Wireless Instrument for Music Creation

$65,989.00 USD 164.97% of $40,000.00 USD

594 Backers on Kickstarter
Chicago, IL

Üllo—The Wine Purifier

$57,684.00 USD 57.68% of $100,000.00 USD

222 Backers on Kickstarter
Houston, TX

GoFish Cam

$43,556.00 USD 79.19% of $55,000.00 USD

741 Backers on Kickstarter
Chicago, IL

THINK JERKY | Healthy Jerky by Famous Chefs

$39,548.00 USD 219.71% of $18,000.00 USD

159 Backers on Kickstarter
Los Angeles, CA

nipi : The “SMART” COOLER & ultra portable SOLAR generator

$36,971.75 USD 61.62% of $60,000.00 USD

79 Backers on Kickstarter
Philadelphia, PA

Impact Wrap - The Portable Fitness Tracker For A Heavy Bag

$14,210.00 USD 12.69% of $112,000.00 USD

63 Backers on Kickstarter
Manhattan, NY

Curate: The Virtual Wardrobe that Dresses You

$8,868.00 USD 88.68% of $10,000.00 USD

55 Backers on Kickstarter
New York, NY

"KNOCKOUT MOUSE" - a short satire

$5,336.00 USD 82.09% of $6,500.00 USD

31 Backers on Kickstarter
Los Angeles, CA

30 projects in 90 days

$4,143.00 USD 138.10% of $3,000.00 USD

41 Backers on Kickstarter
Charlotte, NC

BringMe! Social Platform for Easy Delivery from Friends

$1,367.00 USD 59.43% of $2,300.00 USD

2 Backers on Kickstarter
Greenville, SC

" Sweet O'l Mama " Theater Production

$30.00 USD 3.00% of $1,000.00 USD